my dog attacked my duck please help!


7 Years
Aug 7, 2012
My dog took off and then I tried going out to find him well I found him with my duck in his mouth. I know what to do I just need help getting through it right now. I don't know whose more in shock me or the duck, I brought her in the bathroom and ran a warm bath and set her in it. I haven't gotten any father. I'm going to try to geticks of the wounds. Shes got a deep puncture hole near her tail feathers on the side. And her back has blood on it too but I think he just ripped out feathers I haven't been able to check her over enough. I'm going to try to rinse her wounds some so I can take some pics.
Breathe. She needs you right now. We need to deal with your internal "wounds" once the urgent care is handled.


Bath is good. Clean her up, check under the wings, tops of the legs, etc. She may be shocky.

Electrolytes in her water, a nice safe clean quiet place for a few days. Keep her away from flies.

Veterycin spray if you have it, saline solution spray otherwise. Start thinking about oral antibiotics, puncture wounds can introduce infection in the bloodstream.

Holderread suggests trimming the feathers away from the wound site.

Let us know more when you can.
Thank you Amiga. I'm working on the cleaning her up still. I will post pics as soon as I'm done
She's not letting me touch her now she keeps trying to bite me. Should I continue trying? Or give her a minute?
She's doing good. I've got her mostly cleaned off. I'm just letting her be for a minute. She does good when I'm cradling her underneath and she rests her head on my arm. She gives me the evil eye whenever a start putting water on her. She flapped her wings and I saw her back clearly. Her wings are sore and she bite me good when I touched one to spread them open. But her back looks I say good but its not good at all just better than it could be. She doesn't have any puncture holes on her back. Mostly she just bald there with a few scratches nothing too major. Her puncture hold is a bit harder. The blood isn't coming off that part so great and it makes it hard especially when she tries biting. She's doing well though. She's drinking some, flapping her wings a little, and sorta walking/swimming around. Her leg is pretty sore from what I can tell. Either because of the puncture or because he bite her leg I'm not sure. Her heart beat has slowed down some. I can no longer hear it like I could. I'm giving her some time. I really need to clean up the puncture hole more before she's able to get out of the tub. She's preening herself too. Is that OK? Or should I try to get her to leave it alone for now?

ETA: she attack the camera so pictures as of right now.
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Let her preen. It will help her feel more normal, and clean up some areas, too. You can watch if she flinches preening certain areas.

Well, I am praying for you both. This is a time you can let her know - as you already are - that you are there for her now.

I think she needs a safe, clean, comfy sickbay indoors, where you can monitor her closely especially the first 48 hours.

Get some saline solution made, or grab the Veterycin, mix up some electrolytes for her water. If you have antibiotic cream (not ointment that is oily and keeps air out), I would dab a little of that around any wounds. Offer her some treats but don't expect her to eat yet. She may feel worse before she feels better. The trauma hormones can numb some of the pain for a while then they wear off.

If you have a vet, get help. I am just a duck lover, no official training.

And for you, I suggest once you get her bedded down, have some herbal tea, or cocoa, or something pleasant, and catch your breath a little. Maybe play some music. I think music helps ducks and people.
Thank you Amiga sooo much if I could I'd hug you. I've let her preen. I also took a washcloth and was going to use Epsom salt compress but then thought about it and I don't want any of that getting into the bath water as she's drinking that. So I just used it with water and kinda pressed on her worst wound while cradling her again. She let me do it for a Lil bit then started getting ansy so I stopped and let her go and I can see the hole much better now. Its not what I thought it was its more of a tear. Like you can see the flesh coming away from the muscle a Lil bit. Yes I've already got a small dog carrier with towels all set and ready for when she's ready to go in there. She will be staying in my bed room with the door closed. I figured the carrier would work a bit better as its smaller and she needs to rest and not be moving so much. Thank you so much for your kinds words and clear mind to help me through this.

ETA: I'm not sure if you know anything about it or not. But I'm worried about her blood loss and so I've googled foods and vitamins that help to produce red blood cells and it mentioned leafy greens and egg yolks.
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Absolutely. If you can get her to eat kale, dark lettuce, boiled egg yolk, and keep her drinking that is good. Also at some point when she is not in the water, an Epsom salt compress on her back. The magnesium in it would be good for her I think.

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