My dog cage brooder. Hope this is okay


8 Years
Feb 18, 2011
My husband and I saw this idea at our local feed store and we hope it's a good one. It's the bottom half of a dog kennel, lined in newspaper and pine shavings. Then we've secured chicken wire to the top and added a couple towels and a red heat lamp. We have three baby chicks in there.

Homemade chicken brooder by Raven Wren Designs, on Flickr
I didn't get a thermometer. Darn it! The feed store is closed until tomorrow.
Seems like it would get way too hot in a crate with that large brooder lamp. They have no space to move away from the heat if that's the case. Be very aware of their behavior and make changes as necessary, perhaps hang the light up higher if they seem too hot. Should not be over 95 degrees and then for each week you lower the temp by five degrees each week until fully feathered.

Hope this helps
Eek, I hope I'm doing this right. The dog pen is 15" deep, and 47"x27" width and length. The heat lamp has a 60 watt red bulb. Only half of the brooder has light. The other half is just covered with a light towel as this is in the garage. The temp at night outside is mid forties and right now it's 55 outside. Here is a better picture of the whole set up...

brooder by Raven Wren Designs, on Flickr
It's way off on the left so they can move to the right if need be. Thank you guys for helping. What behaviors should I be watching for? Just so I know since I'm a paranoid new mommy. See this is why it's worth the money to buy 6 week old chickens. LMAO!
What is the temp like outside the brooder? Our weather has varied from 60 in the house over 80 and we only used a 60 watt amber bug bulb and they did well.

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