My dove i s attacking me!


Mar 19, 2018
Hi, i found a dove (about 6 days old) in the end of August.

He lives with me since then, and i didn't have any problems. He was petfull, gentile and calm with everyone.

But since 2 weeks ago he started pecking me, ob feets, face, hands and wherever he can.

He calls me with the recall everyday, all day, but once i step in he would fly on my head and peack me if i try to pick him up.

He stays with feathers straight and does a scary tune flying around me.

We're togheder since he was a baby and we loved each other, he would even fly on me in the middle of night and sleep with me.

I red he could be gelous or he want's a female.

Now he lives free in all of my room (about 20m^2) and if i get a female they need to get down into a cage. Do you think it can be possible? Any alternatives?

Is it time to let him go? I'm afraid because i think he can't get his food by himself.

I can't even stay in my room because he letterally continues for hours to peack me and it starts to hurt, especially on the face.

Sorry for the bad writing but i need help as fast as possible!
I don’t know a lot about doves but I would assume he’s coming into maturity and needs to be with other doves. Since he was captive raised he should most likely not be put back into the wild- not safe for him. You could get him a nice aviary and a girlfriend/mate.

You could also call local wildlife resources and explain the situation- they may be able to offer you some help!

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