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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's been a little meaner lately, like i can't kiss him anymore cuz he keeps trying to bite me. i walked into my room awhile ago and he bit me and wouldn't leave me alone. i picked up my female and that wasn't smart cuz when i put her down he really bit me and then he jumped on my bed!!! i litterally kicked him off. my poor boy, but what the heck. then he mated my girl and now he's being okay. i think he is going in the bathroom tonight. what am i going to do with this little man???? i hate that my dad is so dumb and doesn't understand i need to build them a pen outside. oh well. i guess i will deal with it. any ideas??
He's probably just getting all "hormonal" because of the mating..he might quit but he might also see you as a threat with his lady friend. Hopefully he loses the boys are pretty nice and never bit me or anything but they do live in a coop and free range.
he used to be a mommy's boy
he just came up and bit my toe
i miss my baby
i hope he does lose it.

so do you think he think i am trying to harm my baby girl?? or do you think he sees me as another duck?
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Remember what I went through with MONTY lovesduckies ??? That was all hormonally orientated, and also partially because he was a hand raised duckling. But with training I have been able to stop him attacking my feet everytime I walk outside the back door. You have to ensure he knows you are the dominant one. You dont have to be cruel to be kind- If he starts biting or nipping again try and hold him. Keep his wings down so he cant flap and hurt you.. But if you can hold him and hold his beak- then turn him over onto his back for 1 minute or until he can roll himself back over- which ever comes first. It will not hurt him to by put on his back for 1 minute. But it will train him to know that if he bites you he will be turned onto his back. It worked with Monty in just a few days. Dont leave him alone or for longer than a minute, and see how it goes. It worked for me. If you dont feel confident with this, maybe you could have an area to enclose him. Lock him away in a small area away from you and quackers for 5 minutes each time he bites you. Put him in the bath tub ( no water ) or a similar place.

Just remember normal duck rules dont apply when you raise them in your bedroom - he will display behaviour better suited to outdoors- dont lock him away for that... Only when he bites or attacks you. Leave him be with Quackers...they are only doing what comes naturally.
i don't think i am strong enough to put him on his back. he's a big boy and i am a little girl. i think i will try locking him up. i hold his bill closed and tell him no when he bites me. i read somewhere to do that. yeah i remember what happened with monty. i don't want to find him a new home. i love him. i hope i can figure something out. but i really don't think i am strong enough to flip him over. he's a biiiig boy. thanks duckfromoz.
Once my female started to lay my male got VERY protective over her. He runs after my dog, cat, hubby and kids when they walk by. The only thing that he has bitten was my dogs tale and legs.
He never has done that to me but I guess the idea of don't bite the hand that feeds you plays in his head. His attitude hasn't changed since this started. My ducks are outside and free range so he isn't confined to a small space that he feels he needs to defend.

I asked the same thing when my drake hit the same point in maturity.
Tweak is getting a bit cranky and hormonal on me. He tried to charge me the other night in the pen. I know he is just being protective and he is too slow to do any real damage so it cracks me up
hmm.. he used to love me to death. i don't get it. he used to bite quackers for biting me. he used to lay his head on my bed and just sit there with me. he used to give me kisses.
i want my boy to be a mommy's boy again.

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