My duck has a swollen cheek!!!! Help!!!


9 Years
Sep 12, 2010
Southeast MO
So I go out to feed my 4 Call ducks and I see that one of my males has a swollen cheek!!! It is like he has big cheeks only on one side ,under his eye. Its not bad right now his eye is not swollen. He is eating and doing every thing that a healthy duck dose!!!
What is it?
Has anyone had this befor?
Is it bad?
Help me!!!
Im worrying myself sick!!!
here some pics




HELP !!!!
dont know what it is but had the exact same thing on a female grey call it took at least a month (assumed it was a tumor) and dissapearred totally,wierd huh,hope this makes you feel better
I have seen this before - hope its not the same diagnosis- but it looks like it has a foreign abject lodged in the sinus tract. It could be that an abcess has formed. If that is the case and the area gets infected it could be fatal to the drake if not treated. If you press lightly on the swollen area- is it hard or soft and easily moved??
i had a chicken with a swollen cheek like that and it was an infected sinus. The vet said something probably got into her sinuses and that started the infection. The pus became very thick and she had to cut it open to clean it out. Stitched it up, she was on Baytril for a week or so and just fine now.
I think abcsess too. Lance it and pop the pus out! Squeeze it real good, get it all out, clean up the wound w/warm water & betadine, apply neosporin, wrap w/gauze, and get some oral antibiotics or injectable Baytril or Penicillin in her.
That is a sinus infection. I would *highly* recommend NOT cutting into that or attempting to drain it. I recall a BYC'er several months ago trying that with her Runner and ripping the entire sinus cavity open.

I would get the bird immediately on an antibiotic, in particular Tylan 200. Also, make sure it has plenty of access to fresh swimming water that it can submerge its' head in, preferably something you can change once or twice a day to keep fresh. Sinus infections are really Duck Keeping 101. I haven't had a duck with a sinus infection in years, but they are fairly common and some individual birds are more prone to getting them than others. They are the most common in Calls. Good luck and get the antibiotic ASAP.
Can you make some chamomile tea and mix it into the water. Chamomile as anti inflammatory properties. It will not heal this, but it will help it. Listen to CityChicker and get the antibiotic, do not wait or play around. Good luck with your duck.

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