My duck laid her first egg!


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Sep 11, 2020
My duck laid her first egg this morning. She’s a pekin duck about 5 months old. She’s still acting a bit weird. I’m new to this, so I’m not really sure what to do with the egg. I don’t plan on eating her eggs. Can someone give me the basics on how to care for her right after she lays an eggs. Like does she need extra care right now? Can I throw away the egg? TIA
It's so exciting when your duck lays her first egg - I thought it was pretty much a miracle! She'll be fine, don't worry about her. Don't waste her wonderful eggs though - share them with someone who eats eggs, they're healthy and tasty! Also, be aware that as they start laying sometimes you get strange eggs - soft shells, extra big, or extra tiny. It's normal!
Congrats on your first egg, that's Awesome! :celebrate Don't forget about putting out some Oyster shells for her and the other hens. :)
There is nothing more exciting than the first egg! Well, except for your first child? Nonetheless extra care required per the other responses. I do like @FuzzyCritters advise of feeding it back to them for nutrient replenishment. I don't feed mine the whole egg but I toss the old shells back into the pen all the time and they gobble the up.

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