My duck was egg-bound yesterday, how long is typical recovery??

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by shannong139, Nov 20, 2014.

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    She started laying about 2 weeks ago, 6.5 months old, I noticed when she first started laying each egg was almost exactly 24hrs apart. On Monday morning I took the 3 eggs away that she had first laid, Tuesday morning at about 4:30am she laid another so I was expecting one at the same time Wednesday morning. I had her outside at about 8:30am Wednesday morning, it has recently been 30 or less degrees here so everything is frozen including her pool. Anyway, we were outside for about 10 minutes and out of nowhere she couldn't walk. I thought originally maybe she had swallowed some ice cause i saw her trying to eat some and it had messed with her nervous system or something. About an hour later I had thought about how she had not laid an egg like I expected, youtubed egg bound duck, and realized the problem. Took her to the vet, they gave her something they give pregnant women to help with contractions and by 3pm the egg was out. I was able to pick her up by 6pm and she was able to walk and VERY thirsty, im assuming from the medicine. She hasn't really eaten much since, still walks a little funny, and when she flaps her wings it takes her a moment to readjust them to go back in to place...

    Long story short! I was wondering how long it might take her to recover from the shock and everything from the egg binding...

    Thank you and I look forward to replies!
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    Each duck is an individual, and between the egg binding and the trip to the vet (glad you could do that), I would look for her to be back to her old self within three days.

    Lots of fresh water, TLC, and keep an eye on her. Sechs had an egg stuck and prolapsed. yikes. We got her to the vet, they got the egg out and put three stitches on the sides of her vent. As it turned out, keeping her in and in the dark she went broody, and I feel that was the best thing that could have happened to her, as it stopped her from laying for months (she was broody for close to three months).

    Ducks are resilient little critters.
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