My ducks are training my chickens!

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  1. I know this is posted twice, but i had to put it both places.... [​IMG]

    my 3 5 week old Pekins have been having a ball in the really really wet spring we are having. Rain almost daily here in Ohio, flooded everything. So I have a HUGE flooded 'pond' in my front yard from all the rain, about knee high water, 100 X 150 just waiting for someone to come and play in it. I was so excited to take them to their first 'big' water. I got them out of the pen, they followed me up to the water area (peas are a wonderful item ) They kind of looked at it strange with that cute little cocked head look. then went at it! beaks into the grass, water, and mud flying. It was absollutely precious!!!!! I sat down in a lawn chair to watch them and up struts my favorite hen May. She watched them for a few minutes, looked at me sideways as well, bawked at me a few times (she has been a little jealous of them the last few days, they being new and young have gotten more attention than she) and preceeded to walk right into the darn 'puddle' and start trying to pick for worms in the water.

    I fell off my lawn chair laughing. I dropped camera in the water trying to get it open to take a photo of it 'cause I was laughing so hard. Now soaking wet, i had to see how this was going to go so I walked up to her and put my fingers down in the water at a piece of grass to say 'here honey, here's food!" she went for it. shot water out her little nose, and found a darn worm. Said ducks of course were watching with an interesting look. She actually was rooting for worms in 8 inches of water. okkkkkkkkkkk.... duckies and May May are now cool with each other. May is soaked, has water dripping off her comb, and looks at me completely innocently like what she is doing is completely normal in a chickens world. I couldnt stand it, I picked her up dried her off a little with my shirt, and walked her to dry ground.

    You should have seen the look on Birds face when he came around the corner and found here soaked, bawking, and running BACK to the water.......

    Life is just never going to be the same since the ducks have arrived...
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  2. ok, here is a few photos from that day. I was able to dry my camera and believe it or not, they survived! not many good ones.

    this is when they got to the little puddle in my yard...
    It was deep enough to swim in!

    Then May came running up full speed.

    and just as she started in to the water I fell off the chair laughing, and here's the last that I got...

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    HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! That's SO funny! I never thought chickens would do that! I suppose her secret admirer is a duck....[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. i think she sees me giving them extra attention because they are so young yet, and she gets jealous. She want the attention as well! maybe she thinks that if she acts like the ducks, maybe she will get extra attention as well!
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    Mine did the same thing! I made this joking comment about getting ducks because of all the rain and the drowned looking chickens, so we have 5 now. I'd put them out to play in the puddles, and a couple of the hens were just out right fascinated. They followed the baby ducks around like they were really onto something. I've never seen grown hens be nice to babies like they were to these ducks. I guess food is a powerful motivator!
  7. awwww. i wish my hens were NICE to my ducks. they arent mean, but not loving either. The ducks started following the chickens last week when i let them all out to freerange when I got home from work. it was cute.... yup, i think it is a food motivator as well. Where there are ducks there are peas. Where there are peas there is May May. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ah yes swimming chickens. I had to pull one of my Delaware out of the kiddie pool after she decided that a pea they missed had he name all over it so she dove for it. Her and my former roo would stand in the kiddie pool to cool off in the summer heat.

    Ducks love mud puddles...
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    Adorable, maybe some duchick's?
  10. and I thought i had Chiucks.... now i have Duickens as well?????? [​IMG] [​IMG]

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