my eggs no pips ? please look !


9 Years
May 30, 2010
Franklin Nc
I set eggs I got from a lady up the street have no clue what they are lol she good me the hen had been on them for 3 day so I counted the three day set my due date today is day 20 . the first week my bator quit heating they were on 70 for about 12 hrs. well after candling a few times I candled all of them at lockdown and moved them off of the turners. only 1 was not developed. I can see movement in them. Should I be worried none have pipped ? I don't know what to do are they late because it was on 70 for about a half a day ? what do Yall think ?
I would give them the extra time if I were you.....maybe the lady was mistaken on how long the hen sat on them. So, you may just be 3 days behind.
If they were moving before lockdown, I wouldn't worry about that 70 degree day! If it was going to hurt them, they would have quit developing then. They made it to lockdown, they should hatch. I agree with jessaw....give it a few more days. The 21 days thing isn't exact! I've had them hatch a few days late before. Good luck!
woohoo 4 pips !

I am so excited ! hope they do well I have no clue what they are.

I will have to post pics so Yall can tell me. lol. they are from a pullet or bantum ( spelling ) but hopefully Yall will know. keep your fingers crossed for me !
I have got 2 that have hatched out. one of them is walking. the other is not dry yet and is not up walking I hope he makes it. I have 2 or 3 moor pips.
O.k. i have 10 little chicks and most of them hatched
so i did pretty good. I am thinking that they were pullwt eggs because there were really small and i read somewhere not to put them in the bator because they would not do well. Most of them did not absorbe there yoke all the way. I have one that mighyt not make it. but pretty good for free eggs
hopefully the other one will make it.

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