My favourite Breed: Bionda Piemontese I want explain to you!

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    Mar 20, 2016
    I'm Italian and I think you don't know the some breeds have us!
    So I explain My favourite, Bionda Piemontese:
    We have an Italian standard Breed of this, but The real location is in Piedmont,The real territory of this breed.
    In the past, it was a gift by the mother to the bride ;This hens and cockerel were similar of this:

    You can see the hen presents a blackfeathers in the tail, the plumage is blonde-reddish brown.
    The weight is for the hens, around 2,0 2,8 kg
    For the cockerel, around 3-3,5 kg
    The particullary of this breed is the Super Crest!
    This is a spectacular cock!
    This is a fantastic chicken for meating, and a good layer! (200 annuary eggs around).
    Another pictures!
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    Very pretty. I like there upright tales.

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