Breeding True Ameraucanas and knowing a good one when you see it!

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    This is a giude too the art of breeding a good True Ameraucanas for both experts and Newbs [​IMG] Alot of people don't know Exactly what too look for.

    1# Eye Color All Varieties of Ameraucanas call for Reddish bay Eyes, Like this pullet...

    Some Defects regarding eye color are...

    Pearl eyes= Dark brownish black eyes. This is not the perfered eye color. try to keep it out of you flock.

    Green eyes= Some birds come out with green eyes. this is not good either

    Tawny eyes= Light brown eyes, not perfered

    A good eye has even reddish orange color [​IMG]

    2# Pea comb Alot of people don't put alot of consideration into comb shape/size

    A good pea comb Follows the curve of the head. The back of the pea comb sometimes is raised into the air. If it is higher than the middle, than don't breed it. Another thing is lopped pea combs. If it is Leaning to one side, that is a defect. Also, watch out for hens with very little or no comb at all. In adult, laying hens, this is a defect! It is NOT a defect in pullets though merely because They haven't grown combs because they haven't Started laying!

    3# Ear lobes It is a DQ to have any white enamel in the ear lobes. CHECK your birds. you want red in cocks/cockerels, and light, cherry red in hens. Pullets are OK if they have Flesh colored lobes! This is because They haven't started growing/brightning yet! It will brighten up when she lays. Make sure it is just flesh colored, And NOT white!

    4# Plumage color We will check into a couple common Varieties.

    BBS= Make sure that your birds are strait black with NO white tips! (Warning, many chicks start with white wings, This Usually molts out) Lets talk About Red/Gold/Silver Leaking This is a Major Defect. Some people Don't understand how Serious this is! Do not breed these birds. put them in a cull pen, or layer pen and leave them there. Leaking can also be in Blue and splash varieties

    Buff= Make sure your feathers are buff all the way down to the base, and that your undercolor is also buff. Whatch out for black or white in the tail/wing/hackle region. This is not perfered. Watch out for Mealeness (small stippled dots in plumage) Just make sure your buffs have a nice, even color through out.

    5# Leg color Not exremely important, but make sure there is no yellow, and that feet bottoms are white. Watch out for pink legs in BW and Wheaten varieties.

    6# Egg color You are aiming for bluish green aqua eggs. No olive. Mint green is aceptable, but Come on! you can do better than that! [​IMG] get as Blue as you can!
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    Aug 17, 2009
    SE Pennsylvania
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    This was some really good information. I only have one bantam ameraucana but will have to check these things.
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    wow this was great info lots I didnt know! thank you:)
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    That's some great info! I've always been wanting to look for tips ever since I got my 8 chicks - Really going to look into breeding and showing the perfect ones. [​IMG]
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    Great information! Thanks for posting it.
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    Sometimes you see Ameraucanas on here being praised that have a very upright stance and high carried tails , not wanted in Ameraucana show birds .
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    Quote:Yes tails above 40ยบ horizontal are not wanted in Ameraucanas. Alot of people also praise birds with terrible comb quality [​IMG]
  9. LeBlackbird

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    Aug 17, 2009
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    Quote:lol, takes a long time to get perfect! [​IMG]
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    Blackbird12 can you discuss what leakage is and perhaps show an example. I am new to raising chickens and want to learn all about breeding BEFORE I start hatching any eggs.

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