My First Adventure With a Broody Hen


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Mar 21, 2020
NW Massachusetts
So my girl Fluffy, who was sold to me as a Silver Penciled Rock(?) has been sitting for 10 days now. Figured I would share the experience! This is her a couple months ago right after I got her.

After she went broody I collected 12 eggs over 2 days from my best producing hens and put them under her with a mark on them. I am leaving her in the coop for now, and have been removing her every other day to collect the other eggs the girls have deposited in the nest. Some days all that days eggs are under her, other days the girls use the other boxes, seemingly with no reason. I'm super proud of her and hoping she hatches some work free(for me at least!) chicks. Here she is on the nest.

Poor girl. Her comb is so pale! Mothering seems like hard work already.
Caught fluffy off the nest today so I went to go check on the was broken and made a mess some other ones :( I cleaned up best I can, and she has 10 "clean" ones left. I'm quickly learning why broodys are often separated. Learning experience. She is 13 days in! Hopefully the 10 she has left will be ok. Thinking about candling tonight,
One thing I learned about broody hens that I think is neat, When a chick dies inside it's egg the mother knows and peaks a whole the size of her beak, and she eats everything inside to make sure it doesn't explode and infect the other eggs. Now, this was a very experienced mother and she often never laid eggs because she was always setting so almost her entire life was spent setting eggs, which is why she was given to us.
I'm sorry to hear one broke when you say 10 "Clean" eggs does that mean one is dirty? or did you take that one away?
That is so neat! The "clean eggs" don' t have any yucky yolk stuff on them, but they are kind of dingy. Luckily the dirty.ones were mostly deposited there today so no real big loss. I lost 2 from the clutch, one that was broken and.the other soiled.
@Mariella posey
AAAAaahhhh! I just went to check on my broody. Yesterday was my projected hatch date. Nothing looked any different and I didn't hear any chirping so I lifted her up. THERE WAS A BABY UNDER THERE! So far just 1 but I don't care about numbers this hatch. I let my hen brood in the coop and wasn't convinced any would hatch. I really just wanted to witness this miracle of nature!! When I saw the baby I quickly put her back down and did a little jig. There are 8 more eggs in there. Of course, I have to work all day today!! Maybe there will be more babies when i get home! :jumpy :woot
@Tre3hugger im giving you the day off so you can update us. We both know you’re not going to get anything done at work
I wish! I sold 31,000 dollars worth of cigs and beer at the smoke shop today. The :essentials". Didn't miss anything anyway. Still one baby. I put some wet food in the nest. Mom was munching, maybe she will show baby how to eat. Work again tomorrow. We will see what the morning brings!!

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