My first chick has hatched!


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Mar 30, 2017
I'm so excited that my first chick hatched! It externally pipped at 10:30 Last night & by 4 this morning the hole was just big enough to where I could see the beak. At 8:30 the hole was a little bit bigger but not by much. At 10:30, still no progress. An hour later, I decided to help it just a tad.It was fine.I then put the chick back in the incubator for the heat & moisture. I went back to work at 1:30, got home shortly after 4pm. The chick was hatched! It flopped around A LOT, mostly ending up on it's back, which I would set it upright every time. It doesn't sit up on it's own. It has, what I'm assuming, the umbilical cord dragging & it leaves little traces of blood. I went ahead and put antibiotic ointment on it so as to prevent germs attacking it & preventing it from sticking to a puppy training pad. I'm worried that the chick won't be able to sit up & walk on it's own. Is it normal for newly hatched chicks to be this way? I hope I don't lose it.

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