My friend is being mean, please help

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Campine Lover, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Mar 7, 2010
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    My friend is really bothering me. This guy that she really likes at school started to hang out with us. He liked her, too. But then he realised that she can be mean and forceful sometimes, so he stopped. But now that guy is starting to like ME. Oh, boy. It was really obvious. And she is really mad because she liked him, but he likes me. And for some annoying reason, the teacher always puts either me or her next to him in class. (is she TRYING to have world war III break out in her classroom?!?!) and whenever I have to sit next to him, she teases me about us dating (we ARE NOT!) infront of the whole class. It is really embarassing. How do I get her to stop? Is she really a friend? Or a frenemy?
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    Feb 8, 2007
    I had the same problem with a friend in high school when we decided that we both liked a guy and whoever he chose would be okay. I did not care either way really, however, he chose me and we did not talk again for 20 years. I have since reconnected and it had little to do with the guy in the long run.

    She is jealous of course, but that should be expected. Maybe someone could make her understand she can be mean and forceful and that could be why he doesn't like her. A bad attitude shows. I am not suggesting YOU tell her that she is mean or whatever, but maybe the guy should. Or maybe you should suggest that she tell him she likes him and talk to HIM about it and see what he tells her.

    Is it your teacher telling everyone your dating? I would take it to the principal and tell him/her that what the teacher is doing is not fair or relavent to teaching the class (should not be discussed by a teacher ever in public) and embarrassing to you.
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    Men are generally not worth losing a REAL friend over.. ever.

    That being said...she doesnt sound like a REAL friend anyways.... so..rub it in her face... [​IMG]

    *just ignore me... I give bad advice... * [​IMG]
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    Smokey x2

    He's an outside perspective, and he can't stand her... maybe it's a good time to take a step back... the fact that you even made this topic means somewhere in your mind you're already thinking this...

    Would suck to lose a good friend... but one that is mean and spiteful... well it's only a matter of time with people like that until they think of something to dump you over. Keeping you walking on eggshells is amusing, rewarding, and so long as you never catch on she can get away with it... or at least abusers I've known are that way... isolate, sink in fangs, treat like crap, but darned if the victim can leave.

    Then, if they ever do split... for non-cranky reasons, IE off to college/move... then if someone else does the same the victim doesn't realize anything's wrong because that's what they're used to... or by the time they realize it the fangs are in too deep.

    Sounds like you're already smart enough to have figured that out...
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    Quote:x2 on both counts!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:x2 on both counts!! [​IMG]

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    Ignore her, she is not a friend and none of this is life threatening.
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    Quote:x2 on both counts!! [​IMG]

    double post... [​IMG]
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    Quote:x2 on both counts!! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] and [​IMG]
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    Let's boil it down, shall we?


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