My girls are not laying?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by dtj1968, Dec 20, 2014.

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    Jul 19, 2012
    Holland, Michigan
    They were hatched, by us - using our very own eggs, on Easter day 2014.
    Doesn't appear that any of them are laying? Is it possible that they are somehow sterile? We have 1 rooster, and 14 hens (of several ages and types). And 3 hens that are "Easter Eggers" for the blue/green eggs. We are getting only 3 eggs per day, not 10-14 like one might expect from 14 hens.
    Easter Eggers have not laid a single egg in 2-3 months now?
    Not sure that the 4 we hatched ourselves have ever laid?
    Appears that only 3 of our birds from last year are laying?
    New Coop, fresh water, lots of food, oyster sell available to them 24/7, and they are free range in the yard too.
    They all get along just fine, there seems to be NO fighting or even bickering with the whole group.
    *** They are not laying somewhere else! We have locked them in coop for over a week straight several times now, still no eggs.
    *** None of them are molting either, they have a light on in coop for 14 hours per day.
    Is it possible that they are just late bloomers and the early cold snap we had here in Michigan has put the younger ones off until spring time?
    We love having our chickens, and our neighbors love them also, but feeding and caring for 14 hens that only produce 3 each day does have some downsides. (please note, we do not sell any eggs, we GIVE them to elderly neighbors, and to a few that NEED them worse than we do, but there is simply not enough to go around and we have people asking weekly)
    Searching solutions and resolutions.
    Thank you,
    Doug in Michigan
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    This is a good thread on the subject. As a guess, I would say the cold weather has slowed them down or delayed the start of their laying, and you will see an upswing in spring.

    You shouldn't expect 10-14 eggs from 14 hens. 6 eggs a week in a time of high production would be a very good average, since the egg cycle is about 25 hours. It is always possible you have a hen with a defect in her system so that she will never lay, but that isn't really that common.

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