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    Aug 17, 2013
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    I recently took 12 light sussex from a farmer that was about to release them to the foxes for dinner,he said they were at the end of there prime laying at two years old and no use to him.
    They were skinny, and sad girls at the beggining but with much time spent with them they are now beautiful healthy birds with lovely plumage,and a nice nature. They will now come and sit with me on a sunny day where they line up in a row with one wing stretched out,and seem to go very relaxed,its brilliant.
    I keep thm in a run at the bottom of my garden that is about 25m long,10m wide at widest to 2.5m at the narrow end. The run is built under a row of fir trees which gives shelter from the sun,and an abundance of bugs and creatures they love scratching for.
    There currently laying well,to be honest i cant see why the farmer wanted them gone.



    Two weeks ago i saw an advert in the local free add that was advertising a variety of year old birds at five pounds each,so went to go and buy one.
    When i got there i could see they were a close group so decided to buy them all so they could remain together.
    I ended up with a stunning group of girls that all come when there names are called,are extremely gentle,like cuddles,and go in there house with a simple clap of the hands
    So i now have 19 happy girls,laying plenty of lovely eggs which we keep what we need and sell the rest to pay for the food etc,so they dont cost us anything to maintain.
    I never thought id get into chickens but they really are amazing creatures. Im surprised at there intelligence and there social order.
    They all have very individual characters,we have " the guard" who constantly monitors the two dogs and keeps them in check, "the boss" who roosts higher than the rest and keeps the flock in order, "the escape artiste" who from day one set out to prove that no matter what i do she will escape and do her own thing,which i now leave her to do. " the hugger" who will walk up to you spin around,tuck her wings in tight and wait to be picked up and hugged.
    I hope to get another group in the near future as i have plenty of room for them to have a nice life,and the wife wants quails at some point.

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    It is nice to hear nice stories like this!! Your hens are so lucky to have you and I am sure they know it!! Chickens soothe the soul! So both the chickens and the chicken keeper get great benefits!!
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    It looks like your chickens have a great life with you. I have some chickens over three years old who still lay. But my goal is not egg production; I will keep my hens even when they do stop laying.

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    Sep 27, 2012
    Your chickens look happy! Thanks for sharing. :)

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