My GLW Roo Is Not Head Roo Anymore!

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    May 19, 2011
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    I have a GLW Roo named Owl, he will be a year old May 1st. He has been our only roo since Oct. I got 2 Silkies, both turned out to be roo's, but they have their own coop & run. Last Wednesday, I re-homed my naughty silkie roo, the next day my hubby asked if I wanted another chicken. One of his clients had a chicken he needed to re-home. It is a Bantam roo, he is red & has feathered feet, and was being picked on by the frizzle roo they had. So I took him & introduced him to my mellow silkie roo & 10 chicks. Little Red went after my silkie roo, so I kicked him out of the silkie coop, and sent him to be with my standard hens & roo.

    Night 1, he vanished, we could not find him, next day her was in the yard.
    Night 2, I made sure everyone got put into the run & closed it. When it was time to shut the door for the night, I did not see Little Red (I was looking on the floor). When I looked at the roost, there he was among the hens, no fussin or fightin.
    Every night after that, he goes to the coop with the rest of the big chickens, but I have noticed that Owl, is bunking with the younger 5 hens.
    This morning, my hubby let the chickens out for the day, and Little Red, chased after Owl, and Owl did not fight back. Owl is not an aggressive roo, but he will chase after my neighbor when she comes over, and had chased my daughters a few times. I have had a few talks with him, and have followed him to let him know I am the head roo.

    Am just surprised that Owl has not let Little Red know that he is boss, he lets they dogs know with no problem. And Little Red is half the size of Owl. It just seems odd. Have been giving Owl a little extra attention the last few days. He & I sat on the deck on Monday during the hail storm, he was the only smart one. All the rest were under the deck getting wet or out in the rain.

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