My goose hatched some eggs! PICS


9 Years
Mar 23, 2010
Chehalis, WA
Hey everyone!
I incubated some eggs this year but decided to let them sit and on May 31st I noticed a lot of this:


So I investigated and found this:


She had 7 eggs to start but lost one in a fight over the nest with the other female. She now has her own nest with 6 eggs...
The 4 hatched then... when I thought all was finished I discovered another one:


I guess the last egg is a dud?

Becky, the mom did not continue caring for the 5th and I noticed her legs looked like what I've heard people call it splayed or spraddle leg or something so I looked up the condition best I could and tied the hobble on her legs.

I believe there are 4 girls and one boy based on them being half-pilgrim and only one shows the light colors and orange feet. The others are darker. Mom is embden.
That first picture is of the Gander. He is a great Daddy. He takes them on walks and sometimes takes just one out for individual time. Its so nice because I didn't even know they would be that way. Even a 2nd gander is loving toward them.

To answer the question on how tall they are... I can't be 100% sure but I'm guessing that the biggest one, the 3 year old gander is probably about 28-30" tall and the others are maybe 3 or 4 inches shorter. The big one is about the same height as my 18 month old daughter

The mom of these goslings is a 2 year old embden goose. She is the shortest fully adult goose I have but is a little stockier than my other adult female.
What a beautiful little family..They are all just gorgeous. Good luck with that last little one....So precious - I hope it responds well to treatment..
The last little one seems to be responding well so far and is even able to walk a little bit. Her name is Dolphin... and there is a story to that.

A few weeks ago I had one of my last goose eggs in the incubator and it pipped and zipped but after 2 days trying to hatch it did not survive. While it was hatching one of my 3 year olds came over to the incubator and said "Its Pipper!" [my other goose they watched hatch] So, I said no, this is not Pipper. Then she said, "Its Whisper!" Again, I told her, "No, this is a different baby birdie." Then she replied, "It's Dolphin! Her name is Dolphin because its the shape of a dolphin" So, I said, "ok, her name is Dolphin." Since little Dolphin ended up not surviving the hatch and to save the heartache of trying to explain that to a 3 year old, the new special needs gosling is taking over the name.

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