My hen has pooped out 2 of these today. Should I be worried!?


Jan 1, 2018
My hen has been weak and lethargic for the last 3 or 4 days.
She either lays on her side in one spot all day, or she'll stand up like a penguin. I found her outside the coop a couple days ago, leaning against a cinder block, and she's been in my room ever since.
She spent her entire day yesterday hidden under my bed in the darkness for some reason.
She eats and drinks just fine, but she barely stands or walks anywhere. She doesn't seem to be getting worse but I have no idea what's wrong or how to help her.
Today she's pooped out two of these lumps with her poop and I have absolutely no idea what they are. They're kinda soft and tan coloured.
I'm thinking that maybe she's egg bound?


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Yes, that is lash egg material, which is a symptom of salpingitis. You need to get her on an antibiotic right away. Calcium therapy can help her expel the lash eggs, too. Sorry.

I recently treated a hen who seemed to have an oviduct infection with amoxycillin, but I'm not totally sure if it's the best antibiotic. It worked for her, however. I also had her on ibuprofen for inflammation and pain, as she was acting VERY sick and had a strange stance, that I think was from pain.

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