My hen is trying to break chick out of brooder

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Sep 17, 2009
I have my week old chickie, Keezie, in a plastic tote out in the chicken tractor with it's mom, Suzie and Roo Chicken D. Suzie is free to come and go from the brooder but she mostly stays in with Keezie. I feed Chicken D "Complete Chicken" from the feed store and he has it scattered all over the place. I feed Keezie chick starter.

The last couple of days, I noticed Suzie trying to coax Keezie out of the box, but of course, she can't fly yet. Suzie got in there and kicked a "ramp" of bedding for Keezie to climb on, but she still can't jump out. I don't think it will be long til she can, though. I don't want to put a lid on the brooder because Suzie likes to come and go.

I'm considering cleaning up all the Complete Chicken and feeding all of them Chick starter so Keezie can get out of the brooder. I also have a big chicken yard to give Chicken D adult food if he wants it.

Will the chick starter be bad for the adults for a couple of weeks?
Will the Complete Chicken be bad for Keezie if she finds some...(won't be able to get it all out of the chicken run.)?

Please help before my little "fugitive" and her accomplice manage to break her free!
I am kind of new too, but I have read some where that it is ok for mom to eat chick starter feed but you can't eat their eggs. I hope someone helps you more!

Okay, That does help...Mom has been eating the starter, but what about the Rooster?

He's really picky. He wont eat corn on the cob. He likes it out of the can....
It will be fine. Mamma hen won't lay for a couple of weeks while she's raising her chicks so even if you're using medicated starter it's not a problem--unless your other hens are eating it too. What I do is just feed everybody 22% gamebird (or flockraiser) that way the little ones are getting enough protien to grow well and there's nothing in it to hurt the adults. In fact the extra protien helps get the broody hen back to good weight faster and I would imagine that would get her laying as soon as she stops taking care of the youngsters. I do put oyster shell out free choice for the laying hens though because the gamebird does not have enough calcium in it for them. It's also a good idea to have some corid or sulmet on hand in case the chicks have a bout of cocci, but that can happen even with medicated feed so it should really just be part of your chicken first aid kit anyhow.

ETA: The roo will be good with whatever you put out, he's not laying any eggs and doesn't need the calcium in layer feed and the higher protien starter or gamebird etc. will be good for him.
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As far as I know it won't hurt them. Once the guy at the co-op store told me, that most of the meds and feed they just say not to eat eggs. They say that because, just say you are allergic to penicillin and there is a form of it in the feed or meds, you eat the egg you would get sick. And before I found my helper there I had my chicks on starter for like 6 months. ( I didn't know there was different foods, grower to layer.) lol I hope this helps you!
Great!! Thanks for the advice. I'll go clean out the coop and use the starter I have and see if I can get some gamebird later in the week.

One final question, If the chick finds some scratch grains or complete chicken in the yard....will a little be okay as long as it's getting mostly starter?
I think so, you figure farmers out there mostly let the babies outside w/mama and they will eat all kinds of things.
Ya....that's what I thought too. Anyone else?

The ground is froze/muddy and it's impossible to get it all cleaned up.

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