My hen just laid an egg in front of me!

Aunt Angus

Free Ranging
Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA
When I rescued my Golden Comet, she jumped into a potted plant (completely ignoring the fancy nest box), stuck her bum out over the edge, looked at me, squawked, and laid an egg - right in front of me. The egg fell over the side of the plant and broke on the ground. This was MINUTES after I brought her home. Musta been holding it in during the car ride.


Mar 27, 2020
Southwestern Pennsylvania
Oh, and that very same hen took a trip to a renowned avian vet in the region and he had a tech hold her head and neck against the tech’s chest and stretch her feet out toward the floor and the vet pushed on her abdomen and popped an egg right out of her. When I went to pay I sat all the meds and stuff on the counter and the secretary just blinked and was like why do you have an egg??

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