My hen surprised me this morning!

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    May 23, 2009
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    [​IMG] Last night, just before dark, I decided I'd best lock my rooster in the pen. Of course, my lil' pullet-hen was nowhere in sight. She's been roosting in a pine tree nightly for months now. So, in the darkness, I could see the form of my roo laying on the stack of hay inside the pen/coop. I locked him in safely, away from the fox that prowls my yard.
    This morning, I went out to feed my birds as our morning routine, the hen jumps down & grabs the choice bits of food. Today, no chicken! She was in the pen/coop with the roo. (I must not have seen her in there last night.) So, both my hen & I are blessed, she didn't become a fox's meal, and I have my lil' black hen and her handsome roo to feed & enjoy. They are both wandering under the pine trees right this minute.
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    I'm glad she didn't get hurt!

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