my hen was killed


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Feb 16, 2009
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My beloved red the OEGB was killed by a falcon last monday. now i have only one chicken who is very lonely. i got four new bantams today but i guess it will be a while before they can interact with "mean dovey cooledge"

i miss my sweet red hen. she was the better layer, too.


goodbye red. i will miss you.
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Soooooo sorry!
We lost an OEG to a fox before too. She was so sweet, was living in our living room before and would hop out of her cage and cuddle with us on the couch.
Oh chicory - I'm so sorry! It does always seem that our favorites are the ones who get killed. My sweet barred rock Winnie was killed by a fox the end of January, leaving my Minorca Penny my only, lonely hen. I felt so sorry for her I rehomed her so she could be with other clucks and just started over with new peeps. I hope your surviving chicken does well, and I am sorry for your loss.
thank you thank you thank you!

your kind words mean so much. we just barely missed her birthday -she would have been 5 years old on march 17th. in the back of our minds, we knew this day might come since we allow them to free range. when we are home they just pace back and forth in their coop yard until we let them out.

when we found her she was still warm. i had my husband leave her there and sure enough the falcon came back and flew away with her. i cant fault the falcon but my husband and i cried.

does anyone have any advice for helping my lonely hen? she has been hanging around with my dog all day today.

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It sounds like your girl had a good, long life freeranging.
I would serieously get another chicken(s) for your other hen now.
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