My hens laid a few sporadic eggs and now- nothing!


6 Years
Mar 13, 2013
I have a small backyard bunch: a Rhode Island, Plymouth Rock, Blue laced red Wyandotte mix, (all between 30 weeks and 32 weeks) a Polish (24 weeks), and a Red Laced Blue Wyandotte (22 weeks). I got 2 eggs in a week or two and thought they were just starting and that it would pick up. Then I introduced the younger girls to the older ones, which I anticipated would stop egg production until they got used to each other. Then I got 3 more eggs throughout a few weeks. It has been maybe 2-3 weeks since the last egg was laid. I'm so confused. I live in Northern California so it's been pretty warm, but not over 95 lately, and then only a few days in the high 90's. I am feeding the older girls an organic layer feed (Scratch and Peck), and the younger girls a grower feed still. I have fed them oyster shells, put apple cider vinegar in the water, etc. They are in a run most of the day and free range for about an hour in the evenings before bed. They have fresh water and I change it maybe every 1-2 weeks. The younger and older girls still seem a bit separated, but they get along generally. The Polish is the only real outsider, which is a different post. (She won't go to roost/coop with the other chickens at night). Any help is appreciated, these are my first bunch of girls and I'm getting rather frustrated!
Patence. It seems to take them about a month to get used to the process of egg laying. Also, since they free range, there's a good chance that some eggs are being hidden away from the coop, maybe even getting eaten by a snake or whatever.
Thank you for your response. They only free range for about an hour in the evening, I live in the city, and they have a small area to roam in. It has been 2 months since the first egg and now 2 more of the hens should be just about laying age. I have gotten almost one egg a week on average, but not even that many from 3-5 hens.
Does anyone have other suggestions?I've heard overweight birds can sometimes have trouble laying. How private does the laying box have to be? The eggs have mostly been found in their laying box so I know at least one of them knows where it is! I'm just frustrated...

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