My husband found a dog today...UPDATE..Owner was not nice


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My Dh is in Georgia on vacation with the guys - they are at a campground/cabin location and out in the woods. He calls me to tell me he had to walk an hour back to his cabin with a little beagle that was wandering out in the woods. So, before I could jump to any conclusions, like "That poor thing someone dumped" He says the dog has id, and an electronic fence monitor on her collar. I've been trying to call both numbers on the tag, but of course, it's Friday and they are probably at work. Problem is, he is leaving today to drive the 17 hours home. So, what to do with the dog to keep it safe until the family arrives?OMG, what if they don't want it anymore. Sigh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is the second dog he found (or found him). Last one was a great dane in the woods that had terminal cancer, and we had to have it put to sleep.
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Such a shame. We just got an e-mail from a friend who was sending to everyone he knew that someone found 11 puppies about 8 weeks old that looked to be lab/retrievers. The guy who found them is looking to give them to good homes for free. Pics were sent with the e-mail and the pups are just adorable. There are yellow and at least 1 choclate and 1 black in the bunch.
We get lots of beagles & coon hounds left in here by poachers. Sometimes the poachers are STILL here in the woods- but the dogs hear us and come to see what's up. Not a comfortable situation to be in- knowing there is a stranger on your property with a gun.

Hope he finds the owners quick!
Whew, got lucky, it's a blue tick coonhound and the owners were hunting and got seperated. They are going to meet my husband and pick her up
I don't know who's luckier,me or the dog, my DH was getting VERY attached to this little dog..............
He's such a softy................AT least, this time it would have had a much smaller feed bill than the great dane he brought home.......
I was just going to say someone is less likely to dump a tagged dog usually they remove collars at least.

Glad he found the owner. Maybe you should consider checking out the pound I here a lot of beagles are dumped after hunting season. There is even a few wild packs of beagles running around in LI I think terrorizing the neighborhood.
I found a little rat terrier on the road a few weeks ago…
I was on my way to go shopping and saw him on a little 2 lane road not far from my house. 2 hours later on my way back, I saw him farther up the road near the 4 lane highway… I just knew if I didn’t pick him up, he was going to be flat by nightfall.
So I picked him up.

I'm a sucker, yeah I know...

He’s the sweetest little dog and he loves the kids.

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I hope if any of our dogs ever get lost someone like you and your husband find them
He's a good guy, last rescue was a 12 year old shepherd he chose that was a purebred stray from the day he was born
I mean, WHO would adopt a 12 YO dog but us?
I learned more about life in the year and a half from that dog than I ever have learned being human for 45 years

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