My New Heeler Puppies! New pics on post #24


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Hello everyone! I've been working out of town a lot and haven't been around for a while but I wanted to get some pics up of the pups my Heeler had almost 3 weeks ago. They are getting bigger and opened their eyes earlier this week. There are 3 blues and 5 reds and 4 are male and 4 are female. They will get darker as they grow up. Enjoy the pics! These pups will be available for sale about the 4th of July.


Here is a link with many pics of my pups from last year. 4 of them were sold to BYC members and there are lots of pics of the pups from those members as the puppies grew up.
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Thanks everyone! Glad to see some of my friends chime in here.

The one with all the black spots is a male. I had one very similar two years ago and it grew up to be a very dark blue with a beautiful black mask and no black spots. There are 2 very blue females in that crowd too. The spots all go away as the puppies grow up. They become either completely red or completely blue but retain the masks.

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