My new rooster is "chicken"


6 Years
Aug 12, 2013
About a month ago I get three light Sussex hens and at the time I had buff orpingtons. Two roosters and three hens. I gave them away because they were very aggressive to me and the three Sussex. I decided I still needed a rooster to go with the three hens and so I went back to the place I got the hens and he had a rooster that was just a little older than the hens. He is afraid of the hens, they like to chase him and peck at him. They have not hurt him yet he's just a big Chicken!!! When I go out to let them out he runs to me. Will he ever grown up??? I was hoping when he started into being an adult and started getting urges he would stick up for himself...Any thoughts??? Thanks.
You're rooster should eventually become the dominate bird it just takes time when introducing new birds the pecking and the chasing in normal and is expected. the birds just have to establish their pecking order
how old are you're birds?
Thanks, I thought that might be the case. He just looks like a big chicken running from those girls...
He should come around in time. I had the same thing happen when I introduced my rooster to the hens. Chased him around like crazy. Took him bout 3weeks but he now rules the roost:)
Thanks so much. He has only been here about a week so I guess I'm rushing things. That would be all I need is a rooster that won't breed with the

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