My old cat is dying....

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    Our cat Alf, is around 14 or so. We actually expected him to die 3 years ago, he was sick then. We switched everyone to a different food and he kept going. He had a rough life prior to coming back to us from Hubbys ex wife, he was locked in a dusty barn in the middle of summer in a cage with a ferret. We saved him and he had so many issues it was not funny. Well, for the last several years, he does not clean himself and is always matted and skin hurts, so brushing and combing is difficult. I trieds to shave him but his skin is so thin I kept knicking him. He has had loose bowels for the last 2 years, all over the place, I acknowledge this as something similar to IBS in people. I treat him (per vets suggestion) with Tylan in his food for the past 6 months. Vet said with his age, everything he exibits has been to be expected, and that his bloodwork has all been fine. The last month I have been adding a little antidiahrreal med to his food as well to solid him up.
    Anyway, that was just a bit of history on how he has been. The last few days, he has been crying weakly, a lot, searching for something. I wondered if he was looking for the other two cats we had int he house temporarily while they were recovering from spaying (outside females). He only weighs about 3.6 lbs. He is all bone, no muscle at all, very emaciated. A few weeks ago I also started giving him whatever he would eat. The last few days, he has not eaten anything and not drinking. He sleeps a lot. He is obviously losing ground, so time should be soon. He has not had a poop on the carpet in about a week, which obviously is nice but odd for him.
    I have been so mad at him the last several months as I have had to deal with all the carpet cleaning daily and very fustrating, but hubby did not want to put him down. I feel guilty for being mad at him. I did not want him to suffer, but he seemed to be getting along until the last few days. Yesterday afternoon, he tried to jump up on the bed and failed, I heard a thump. He was on the floor and tried to walk away but his back legs would not work properly. He obviously hurt himself. He laid there for about 15 minutes and then could get around, but not great. Obviously having motor problems or hurt his leg. It is just his time. I tried to call the vets office to put him down, but of course, it being a Saturday, there was no one there. I have Vicoden, and so I shaved off a small piece to help him with pain last evening. He has been sleeping in his little cat house ever since. I do not want to disturb him, and am praying for a quick end so he does not suffer. I have to work soon, but hubby is to check on him and call me if he passes away. We already have the "hole" prepared for him. We have certainly made his remaining years with us better than he could have hoped for where he was. I feel so sad. I wish the vet was open! If he is still with us on Tuesday, I work at 10am I will try to get him in to see the vet to have him put down. I hope he does not hang on that long though.
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    So sorry. It's a hard thing to go through. You sacrificed to give him a good long life. Thank you for that.

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    [​IMG] I feel for you as I have sibling cats that are over 16 years old. They have been with me since orphaned kittens. Just when I think they should be slowing down, I'll hear them chasing each other through the house during the night. So far we have not had any health issues other than the occasional hairballs. They have their own room that we keep them in after their am and pm feeding 'cause that is when they tend to puke. I'm not sure how I would be able to handle putting them down. My prayers are with you during this difficult time.
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    [​IMG] You have done your best for him.
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    [​IMG] I am sorry to hear this!
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    Never an easy thing to go thru. Been there done that more times than I care to think about and am quickly approaching doing it again with my oldest housecat. I hope for a peaceful, natural end for both his and your sake.
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    Bless [​IMG]... he has been searching for somewhere to lay down and die..... suggest to keep him comfortable you give him a teaspoon of childrens "paracetamol" medicine liquid form... it will help to ease his pain (every 6 hours) ..... and it might just do the trick and he will pass in his sleep peacefully at home with his family..... ... ahhhh [​IMG]
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    I understand completely where you are coming from. I have a cat same age, diagnosed three years ago with the kitty version of IBS and who also views the litterbox as optional. Even with her special food and medication she's slowly been losing weight. You did everything you could for him and it shows in your post just how much you care. My thoughts are with you and your cat. [​IMG]

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