My parakeet flew away today... =*(

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Mar 12, 2008
Loxahatchee, Florida
Today my parakeet Steve flew away and it's all my fault!!!

My heart is heavy & sore. I'm sorry to have failed him so. I should have been more careful & attentive to him.

He lived in a nice roomy cage out on our not-so screened-in porch here in sunny South Florida. The many recent hurricanes tore out many of the screens, and we have never replaced them, figuring it would only attract more storms.

Steve's wings were clipped when I bought him, and he was somewhat finger-trained at that time. But I didn't handle him on a regular basis, and didn't pay attention to the re-growth of his wing feathers.

Today I had bought him a fresh millet spray while at the pet store, and was putting it into his cage this afternoon. While I was there I decided it would be a good time to try to handle him a bit. The poor little guy ran all around his cage trying to get away from my hand. I persisted, thinking he would calm down once he was on my finger. That's what used to happen.

But this time he flew out of the cage!!!

Steve landed on one of the intact screens, seemingly as surprised as I was. I grabbed a butterfly net and tried to catch him. But when I brought the net near him...

...he flew out of the porch, turned right, and hasn't been seen since...

We all looked & looked everywhere, but never saw even a glimpse of him, never heard a cheep. I was hoping he would get tired & land in the grass where we could easily catch him. But our yard and the neighbors' are filled with thick trees and bushes. He could have been ANYwhere.

Yes, there's a chance he could survive on his own, there's lots of places to hide, lots & lots of berries & seeds he could find to eat. I remember once seeing a parakeet who traveled with a flock of sparrows & seemed to be getting along well. But there are also many many predators out here, and I don't know how strong Steve's instincts are, how many skills he possesses.

We are praying & praying that somehow, miraculously, Steve will return to his cage. I've left the door open and fresh seed in his cup. I also filled up the wild bird feeders with fresh seed.

If nothing else, let Steve remind the rest of you parakeet keepers to be more careful & attentive with your little friends than I was with him.


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Mar 13, 2008
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If he did any type of calls, whistles, favorite words, etc., you can repeat them outside and hope he hears you. I know some people whose parakeet stayed outside for over FOUR MONTHS and finally one day came down and landed on his cage. Don't give up hope just yet. I know how it feels to watch one fly away -- I was very blessed to get one of my cockatiels back. If you don't get him back, the lesson, albeit very painful, will not be forgotten. I hope you get him back. :aww


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May 19, 2008
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hi..sorry to hear about your bird!... at least you are in florida..i remember when i lived there..they were wild all over the place..big flocks of was pretty neat for me to see..growing up mostly from new england...where they wouldnt have a chance to live at hope! the other poster said..keep an ear out for his call...and put out his favorite treats....good luck!..Wendy


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Jun 6, 2007
Our Sun Conure Parrot, Sunny, has got out of his cage and flew into trees on 3 different occasions but he never went far. When we first moved here he got out and stayed in the huge Oak tree for 2 days.
I hope Steve will come back home.

Nory Lawson

6 Years
May 26, 2013
my parakeet Baby also flew away :( she was a very nice parakeet she flew away may 8 this year and never came back. my bird SpongeBob and her was good friends. He tweets even more then he did when she flew away

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May 29, 2013
Nory Lawson, I suggest getting poor little sponge bob a new bird friend. Talking from experience, I know it is extra hard on a bird when it loses a friend. Mine have had to deal with it and it is often hard for them. Sometimes it takes a while for them to get used to a new feathered friend, but ultimately they always end up being better off than alone. Hope your heart mends. Mine still twinges when I think about birds lost years ago.

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