My Peas, Mtn Cur Jack & Rattler


12 Years
Jun 19, 2011
Santa Fe Trail - SE Colorado
DH saw my free ranging peas following a snake toward the front yard where I have some young 'uns in some temp pens. It was a prairie rattler. The rattler went into the rock bed & we couldn't find it. A couple of days go by & I am out by the hen house watering the horses & I hear my Original Mtn Cur dog Jack barking. Normally Jack is always going where I am going, but when I heard him bark I knew he had seen that snake. I went back to the house and sure 'nough there was Jack, alerting to the snake. The snake met the end of my shovel:

My wonderful Cur Jack, from a Long line of Hall of Fame Curs (btw - Old Yeller was a cur)

I tan rattlesnake hides with a simple recipe

This particular snake skinned

What do you do with a snake skin?

So the peas alerted the husband, which alerted the dog, which alerted me!
And so saved the young uns in the front yard! My husband never irrigates without that dog.....
Good dog!!!

Beautiful band, too.

Any that were taken on my place went to the freezer for friends that loved deep fried rattler, or sometimes I'd keep back some for special rattler fries that they loved.

My dogs were great at alerting for snakes and would kill any rattlers they came across. One of my dogs very likely saved my first born child's life from a rattler by becoming a canine shield between the rattler and my child, almost to the point of being vicious to keep my child back, no biting but darn near close but it would not let my child move a step in any direction until I was able to run up on the situation.

Faithful dogs are wonderful.

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