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  1. Good pictures @Blooie! @awalker5656 Here's two pictures of my Red Sex Link (AKA Golden Buff) hen for comparison. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Sep 9, 2010
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    I first used MPC back in 2010 to order 8 babies, and they arrived in my somewhat small and faraway town in a peeping box all alive. One faverolles died the next day, but that happens. Of the 7 left, one turned out to be an accidental roo, and they got one of my breeds was wrong. But they thrived and grew into nice birds. Also,

    However, I've since added more birds to my flock that I got from breeders and I can definitely see the difference between those and my hatchery girls from MPC. Number of eggs per week, how long they lay, how big they get, and how resilient they are to illness: my breeder birds win over MPC every time, in every category.

    That said, I'm looking to get some eggs to put under a broody hen, and here I am considering MPC again. They just have so many different breeds (man, they've liked quadrupled their selection in the past five years) and it's so easy to mix and match for a small clutch. From most other places, I'd either have to choose between a dozen of one breed or a "rainbow mix" of leftovers. Man, I wish there was a MPC for breeder-quality chickens!

    Also, MPC has a faverolles/ameraucana (favaucana) "designer-cross" now! I got one of those by mistake when my broody absconded with an egg from my MPC faverolles hen, and now I can tell people she's a designer chicken [​IMG]
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    Jan 4, 2015

    I know this is a thread for MPC but you might want to look into Valley Hatchery. They're supposed to have a large variety of show-quality birds.
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    My first batch of MPC babies came in April, 2 EE, 2 BO, 2 Barnevelder.all were peeping and very healthy. (Orders from MPC come from Meyer Hatchery, so it's a dual review)

    Now at 10 weeks, all are very happy and healthy, and all in fact seem to be pullets. Haven't heard any crowing or other feature to make me think otherwise at this time. So far have been pleased with MPC. Just waiting impatiently for eggs!

    I am expecting 3 olive eggers from them next week. Am excited and hoping for the same amount of luck.
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    So I'm a first time chicken keeper. I ordered from MPC after a lot of research. Obviously they were drop shipped from Meyer hatchery. There customer service is very good. We got 2 mottled cochin bantams, 1 easter egger, 1 barred plymouth rock, 1 speckled sussex, 1 barnevelder, 1 buff orpington, 1 buff brahma, 1 columbian wyandote and 1silver gray dorking. They are just 10 weeks old and doing great. They all appear to be pullets. My experience with MPC has been great.
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    I ordered baby chicks from and had excellent results. I ordered hatching eggs from them as well (twice) and had horrible results. The first time, no eggs hatched and they gave me a ten dollar credit. The second time, two eggs hatched and I did not even receive an apology or compensation.
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    Well, to be fair shipped eggs ARE a gamble no matter where you get them. There are so many variables involved - condition of the breeders, packing method, USPS treatment of the package, weather conditions along the way, the type of incubator you are using, your hatching experience - that no source can guarantee a good hatch. For shipped eggs 2 out of 6 is good.
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    X 2 on all counts.
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    Just brought home! All active, noisy, and hungry. Am happy with the chick quality I have received. I would recommend buying from MPC or directly from Meyer Hatchery.
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    At least one of the 9 chicks I got in my batch in April is a roo. The silkie. I suspected from early on it might be but it crowed yesterday morning at 16 weeks to confirm. They will not let me report a roo for a refund until 19 weeks even though the leg thickness, comb size, streamer feathers, and fact that it crowed are pretty obvious that it's a roo. I am also not very pleased with the Golden Laced Polish quality. I had a silver laced polish from them last year who was beautiful. The GLP I have from them now has a crooked toe that bends backwards and has the strangest feathering, definitely golden laced but the lacing is awful but I will cross my fingers that after a molt she will look much nicer. I would almost think it's a roo because of it's weird feathers but at almost 4 months it has no comb, no redness in the face and very skinny legs. There's still the possibility it could be a roo but I think the chance is slim.

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