My poor Abbey girl ** PICS ADDED **


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Nov 20, 2007
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Well in my area - there is a real problem with dogs and cats getting bitten by some bug that makes thier whole face swell up and look almost clownish, it is not painful but if you touch it you can feel how swollen it is almost rock hard it is so tight, it makes breathing hard since it swells up near their nose and even makes seeing hard because the cheeks are so puffy.

I went out in the yard to check on the dogs and noticed Abbey was having a hard time getting something to drink - than saw her puffy face - so I got her in the house called DH's boss and asked if he could spare DH for a minute ( thank god his boss also has boxers and is a dog lover ) so DH ran to Walgreens to get Abbey some childrens Benadryl with Antihistamine to take the swelling down, and the whole time he is rolling his eyes saying " it would be your dog that would get bitten first "

yea like Abbey planned this : " hmmm I think I will go get bite by a spider/ant get my face to swell so I look like Bozo the clown dog so mommy can squirt cherry meds in my mouth " yea sounds like a plan to me LOL

I took some pics of her and as soon as the swelling goes down get some after pics and post them.

last time this happened we rushed the dogs to the vet and was told it is either a spider bite , ant , or bee but I am starting to think it might be a spider so DH is going to crawl in the dog house with a flashlight and check all the dark scarey corners that this lady is NOT going near LOL

yeap I guess this means spring is near ???

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How awful! I've never heard of such a thing happening where I live. I've used the liquid Benadryl because it's so easy to dispense. My dogs spit out pills no matter how cleverly those were disguised.
I hope your dog feels better soon.
well we gave her the med at 1 and I just checked her and the tightness is going down and it is less puffy so I gave her just alittle more and that should take the rest of the puffyness down - she was able to get something to eat so she must be feeling better - this happens everytime the weather starts to get warm - but when you live in the " dessert " climate you need to look out for a creepy crawly bug or two.
since the vet is not exactly sure what kind of bug it is you really cant spray for them so it is better to just keep an eye on the dogs and treat when needed.

well Abbey's face is almost back to normal - she is eating and drinking fine and is playing with the other dogs - here are a few pics to show how swollen her face was




AFTER - still a little puffy but by tonight the rest of the swelling should be gone


I dont know if you can tell but in the first two pics her eyes are really tiny looking - her face was really tight and hard , but after a few hours is more normal looking - this happens to dogs and cats all the time when it starts to get warm and bugs come out to play

I had this happen with my male boxer, of course it was 11 p.m. and I had to take him to the emergency vet.... Every summer he usually gets bit by something and has a little swelling. I hope she feels better, they look so pathetic with their faces all swollen up like that!
My Labradork is into being bitten by strange things. Last April she got bitten by a jumping spider, then in July it was a Diamondback, and then in January she got hold of who knows what. When she was a puppy she tried digging up an anthill with her nose. Last time she was in the front room with me and one minute she looked fine, the next she looked like she'd lost a boxing match. We keep a bottle of Dexamethasone (sp?) in our fridge for emergencies now, because the vet is so far away.

Here's what we came home to the night the Diamondback struck



This is what they normally looked like

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