My poor Hawk :(


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Apr 3, 2011
The last of the first 4 chicks I got in Jan. got killed today by my dog. I initially bought 4 in Jan and slowly 3 got killed from jumping out of the run and into the backyard where the dogs are. Out of 4 dogs 1 is chained up, 2 dont care at all about the chickens and the last one is the killer. They jump out hes ON IT. Im just sad cause I just found out she was an EE'r and I was soooo excited for her to start laying, only about 6 weeks away
ahhhh that dam dog.

RIP Hawk

Oh and after the attack i put her back in the coop cause i didnt realize how bad she got hurt and when my other hens went in for the night my RIR made a short slightly off 'egg song' and a part of me knew that was her call to her passed away friend. Shortly after is when i found she died.
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that's so horrible! My hen silkie died of unknown causes. You know how they usually act different when they're sick? my hen looked like she was fine, but when she was acting different was her death bed. I cried for days and her mate rooster, it took him months and new hens to cheer him up

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