My roo's feet have been pecked


11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
Southeast TN

My Sultan Roo has been pecked really bad on the foot. His feathers all almost gone and he is bleeding. I started the flock on Sunday and it contained 5 buttercups and 2 white giants and the roo. The roo was new to these birds but the gals had been together. One buttercup pecked him @ first but then stopped. But it had started again this AM.

I introduced a dominecker on wed. to the group. But this morning , I gave all but 1 buttercup to a fellow farmer. They were not very nice. The girls are laying. I am sure they are stressed but I am getting great eggs!

Please advise
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to stop the bleeding use cornstartch or all purpose four it should stop within a minute or 2. wait about 5 min or so after it stops and rince it off do as sugested in previous post also seperate till healed.

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