My Rooster's has a bare behind, anything I can do to promote tail feather Growth...???


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5 Years
Sep 3, 2014
My dad recently gave me one of his Ameraucana Roosters bc he has to many and they were fighting all the time... This guy has a bare behind with 1 tiney feather left...the feathers were mostly not pulled out completley, thus he still has the end piece still in his pores...should i pluck those out to encourage growth of a new feather?????

... This is my first rooster, I have 11 hens, and he in seperated in his batchlor pad until i can introduce him to the girls!!
His feathers will regrow on their own. You can add extra protein to his diet to help his body make the new feathers. Meal worms, scrambled eggs, peanut butter, yogurt or even leftover dinner meats like beef, turkey, pork and even chicken. No ham, bacon or anything overly salted.

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