my silkie acts retarded.

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    Sep 8, 2013
    I am new to this website and post my situation in the wrong forum. I posted in the new to backyard chicken one. Someone was nice enough to tell my situation would be beat posted in the emergency section. So if anybody is Willing to jump over to that section and read my thread to see if there are any other helpful tips it would be appreciated. It is under "Hello I'm new from Michigan"
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    Jul 24, 2013
    I was just looking at your post in the New Member Introductions forum. I agree with what everybody else has said; it could be a vitamin deficiency. Give vitamins for a while, and see if it helps. Many problems with chickens can be treated with vitamins. It is also possible that she got bumped on the head or something. Silkies are very vulnerable to getting nervous problems, as their skulls are vaulted and not completely closed at the top, making them susceptible to head injuries. Unfortunately, your bird might always be like this if that is the reason. Don't give up on her yet, though!

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! I hope you see improvement with your bird.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    I agree--don't give up on her! Give vitamins for a while, as many seemingly neurological problems can be cured with vitamins. Is she eating/drinking all right? If not, tempt her to eat by giving foods such as scrambled eggs, mealworms, applesauce, wet cat food, moistened feed (chickens love this for some reason, even though it is the same thing that they usually eat!), fresh fruit, etc. If her condition makes it difficult to eat on her own, I would make a "soup" out of feed, water, and even some raw egg yolk, and then spoon feed it to her. You could also try tube feeding, if necessary. Here are some good tube-feeding links:

    I'm sorry that you felt offended. BYC is usually a great place to get information, and I hope that you will be better received in the future. [​IMG]

    Hope your son's bird recovers! Its always so difficult when you get attached to an animal, only to have it get sick.

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