My son’s chicken was a surprise.


Apr 24, 2020
A fun story.
So this summer one of my hens snuck off to go brood a clutch of eggs. We found her on her stash of 12 eggs a week later. I decided to candle the eggs to see if any were developing. 8 were. As a family we decided to let her continue to try to hatch her babies. 14 days later & only 5 hatched. One was a very beautiful silver colored chick. Unfortunately we had to separate that little one from momma because she apparently didn’t like/want it. Kept pecking at it to go away. Well, my son was the one who caught it & held it while we gave it some save a chick & probiotics. It was just fine after about 10 minutes. Thing is that when we tried to put her into our brooder box she went crazy. Crying like crazy. That is until my son picked her back up. Instant quiet. Happy chick. We made her a small box with a brooding plate & set her up in my sons room. She was happy because she could hear & see my son. He was ecstatic to have a baby all his own. He became responsible for it & took really good care of it.
Fast forward to today & Blue East is a big beautiful hen that’s still silver with a darker neck & lays huge brown eggs. She still loves my son. Runs up to him & has no problem with him carrying her all other the place. Still not sure how we got a silver blue hen when we’ve got black roosters & a salmon faverolle rooster but we love her. Her siblings all ended up being roosters & got flocks of their own or went to freezer camp. Still don’t understand why momma didn’t want her but I’m sure glad we saved her & allowed momma to hatch her.


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Sep 22, 2020
Texas United States
Omg I love this story!!!! A very similar thing happend to me. I found a chick randomly around the property all by itself and took it in, he lived in my room for about 4 months until I had to get rid of him due to the fact he was a fighting breed of roosters and killed 2 hens. But he truly loved me and never wanted to be away from me. I still miss him but I know he's in a better place with a new home, with no other chickens.

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