My special needs silkie, tiny


Keeper of tiny dinos
Apr 17, 2019
Meet tiny, she is one winter old. When she was a chick, she was hatched by a broody silky. She stayed with that hen until she got seriously ill at about half a month old. We took her in for special care, I became her mother. At the time, she was not very responsive and unnaturally tiny because of the sickness she caught from the adults (didn't know they had it until then). As she was recovering, and we were trying to treat the sickness, all but one of her broodmates survived (sudden deaths), she survived after a long treatment plan. But by the time she was well enough to go out, she was to small to go out in the middle of the winter with no flock for warmth. For her own good, we had to keep her an inside chicken until the last few months. We first had her outside in a temporary penn every day with a bantam named lady. The two became close friends. As she was growing, we also noticed that everything she walked, she walked in slight curves, never straight lines. We had her outside every day for a few weeks with lady before having her outside with the whole bantam flock under my watch. They ignored her (still do, except the roo who cares about her) the rooster, cream was the only (besides lady) who cares that she is around and protects her. After a while, we believed it was safe to not need to watch, and stayed with them on her own during the day. She did just fine and pretty soon was allowed with them on warm nights (not cool ones). But she was having problems finding food, and using the ramps. She couldn't find the food dish seemingly, or get up the ramp. So we had to start leaving food specifically for her, with me watching to make sure she gets it. She had an incredibly hard time knowing when to go in, and when she did finally learn just the Last week, we still have to help her get up that ramp and in. Tiny does well with the food boost and gets along with her flock Ok. She is a super sweet hen that isn't afraid of me in the least. She gladly sits in my lap, will take food from my hand, and comes when called. She ignores cream's warning about me, but lo es his tidbit calls. She ignores the other hens except lady, as they also ignore her. But, they don't fight. She is full grown, but is still half the size she should be. She still walks in slow circles, but gets around fine despite that, and is otherwise happy.

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