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12 Years
Jul 4, 2007
We ordered a total of 5, and now I believe our silkie and polish pullets are both cockerels. The polish started to crow this morning and our silkie has a large comb and wattles, and new iridescent little tail feathers coming out of the fluff. They're about 11 weeks old. I'm still trying to decide if the polish looks like a roo, or if it's just a crowing pullet. Both have been feisty since peep-hood, though! So, looking back, I can't say I'm surprised. Just disappointed. It probably had to happen some time, since sexing isn't perfect.

So I think we're down to two easter egger pullets. (One chick died very early.) I'm pretty sure they are females, and they are beautiful and healthy.
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I recommend that you call them. I had some order snafus and they were really responsive about taking care of the problems. Call the 800# & ask for Stephanie. She was great to work with.
They claimed they could guarantee you a silkie pullet?
Isn't the sexing only 90% accurate? So, the odds would be very good that you would get 90% pullets, but the odds are also there that you can get roos. Sounds like your order had all the 10% in it. Maybe they would send you some more.

Good luck!

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