mysterous sudden death of hens.

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    Hi everyone. I've just lost 2 of my hens, they were my favorite girls too. 5 days ago my first girl died. at first we thaught that perhaps she had had an injury due to a falling piece of roofing from enclosure, she had aslo been having a problem with eggs - either shelless or very thin shells that broke very easily for several months. Then today my second girl suddenly died no warning. She was fine this morning when I let the girls out of the coop she was the first out as always, ready for treats & greens. 2 hours later I found her dead. Vet did a necroposy on her found a prefectly normal hen that had eaten well, ready to lay an egg, no sign of infection or injury, all organs systems normal looking. I don't use chemicals or poisions in the garden. No appearnt sign of toxin or poisoning. Anyone ever have anything similar?[​IMG]
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    I'm sorry to hear you lost 2 hens. The deaths may be unrelated. The first hen may have had a problem with internal laying? You certainly did the right thing getting a necroposy, and you ruled out a lot of serious problems.

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