N. Georgia Lafayette area Looking for the following breeds Help please


12 Years
Dec 14, 2007
I Am at home in Georgia
I would like to add to my flock the following

Buff orpingtons
blue wyandottes
gold sebrights
barred rock
easter eggers

If you have any suggestions please help I would preffer just pullets. I only want a hand full from the list above and do not want to order from a hatchery since they have minimum orders. Preffer chicks but may be willing to buy older birds. THanks

My son may have some Buff Orpington chicks hatching around 5-5. He'll be asking $2.25@. We live between Cedartown/Rockmart, Ga.
We've got some Barred Rocks that are between 3 and 6 weeks or we can hatch some more eggs. We also have Silver Pheonix in the 'bator now and some really nice Ameraucanas in every color (from show stock). We are in Woodstock, Ga.
Let me know if we can help.
You live in LaFayette, GA?
I graduated from LaFayette High School...

When did you want chicks? I'm hatching some Easter Eggers next weekend and some of them will need a good home...

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