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  1. wynadotte1997

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    Apr 7, 2012
    On Monday I'll be getting 3 or 4 one year old silver laced wynadottes. i want to name them but i can"t think of any good chicken names. any suggestions????
  2. Chic_girl

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    Jul 23, 2011
    Near Columbus OH
    Before I begin, I must say; [​IMG] I'm glad you have decided to venture into the wonderful, addicting world of chicken!

    I love thinking up names, and Wyandottes are the perfect birds to start off with!
    For names, you could go the coloration route, and name them Lacy, Snow, or something such as that
    I always like old lady names, lick Greta or Clara, or plant names, like Clover, Rose or Pansy.
    You could name them after personality traits- for a very loud, complaining chicken, you could call her Mrs. Fussybritches (traditional), or for a flashy, flirty hen, you could go with Diva.
    If you feel like messing with relatives, name your chickens after your siblings or aunts and cousins!

    Or if you need more inspiration, you could name them like the poet Nancy Luce named her hens:Teedie Lete, Letoogie Tickling, Reanty Fyfante, Pondy Lily, and Speackeky Lepurlyo. Her favorite hen was named Tweedle Tedel Bebbee Pinky.

    Name them what ever you feel like!
  3. PurplePoppiPpl

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    Mar 31, 2012
    North Western Wisconsin
    my favorites are Shelly, Yoko, and Omlet.
  4. SweetSilver

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    As a gardener, I tend to go for flower and plant names. Even a rooster can be named "Narcissus", which refers to that vain youth in Greek myth (very rooster-ish) and the daffodil genus.

    I also like out-of-fashion old names, like Bertha and Agatha and Doris, Deloris, Dorothy, Maxine, etc. Beautiful names of their time, but dated (for now). A hen named Kaylie or Riley or Taylor just doesn't sound right to me, but then again, why not?

    Really old Biblical or historical names sound great too.

    Then again, there are the names little kids come up with, like "Shelf" and "Corn" and "Hat". Again, why not? And then we can revisit those popular names I mentioned above. If you have kids, you just learn to....let go.......

    Then there are the names they get in their life. Buttercup became "Tyrant-Queen-of-the-Worm-Hunt". The poopy chick was called Poopsie, now Button because of her size. Zinnia was most often referred to as "Poopy-Butt", poor girl. Tinkerbell became the Rooster-also-known-as-Tinkerbell.

    Don't forget joke names such as (like the pp above) Omelet, Nugget, Drumstick, Dinner, etc.

    Have fun!
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  5. kara_leigh

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    May 3, 2011
    Bradleyville, MO
    I like old fashioned names for my chickens, so most of mine are named that way, with a few non-name ones thrown in there. My chickens are: Mama, Gertrude, Georgia, Fancy Pants, Millie, Esther, Alice, Maxine, Gilligan, Cricket, Henrietta, Moonlight, Sunshine, Sadie, Buttercup, Clementine, Penelope, Emily, Myrtle, Beatrice (Bea), and Curly Sue. I also have ducks named Nell, Lucy, Penny (I know I have a chicken named Penelope lol), and Bert, a dog named Olive, and cats named Nora, Callie, and Hazel.
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  6. silverchick

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    Apr 4, 2012
    north of Eden
    ...Gertrude, Lulu & Beatrice come to mind ... as a kid we had cows named Tilly & Hilda ...a goat named Dondi which I always liked ...
  7. kcjones

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    May 2, 2011
    the new chicks that have names here are , little wing, graydee, orka, dot and little dot, butch and sundance and nugget
  8. PoultryGirly

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    Mar 28, 2012
    Oreo, Lacy, Domino, Snoopy, Skunk, McCluckers, MuFluffums, Panda, etc.
    My chickens names are RedHead, Popeye, Clover-partridge cochin hen, Kiki-dark brahma hen, Blondie- buff silkie, Atilla (Tilly for short)- Americauna, and Lace- Golden laced wyandotte
  9. Chemguy

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    May 30, 2011
    Springfield, Ohio
    Truthfully, it is harder than heck for us to tell some of our chickens apart, and we knew that they'd be changing a lot from day to day after we got them as chicks. We figured that rather than get them confused with each other, we wouldn't name any to begin. Over time, we came to be able to tell the difference by traits (mostly by comb size) and by behavior. So, we have Little comb, Small Comb But Not Quite So Little as Little Comb (That convoluted name is loosely based on a Terry Pratchett character), Miss Poopyhead (a real complainer), White spot, and others. A few still don't have names, but I suspect that my wife and I each have our own unspoken names for these. As we've added chickens, we have become better at identifying distinguishing features. Plus, the kids are a help. We now have Eggward, Horton and Theodore. The sex of these last is still tbd, so there might be some adjustments to be made.

    While this may not help you if you're eager to have a name for each chick from the start, maybe you'll take solace in knowing that there is at least one flock that has slowly come to be named, bit by bit.
  10. Eliaria

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    Jun 3, 2012
    Martinsville, IN
    Though this is a little late, When I got my silver wynadotte hen, I wanted it to play off of the word silver. I name most of my chickens strange names, and most of them come from a strnage source. For my silver, I got her around the time we were going over the periodic table again. AG is silver, and the french word for it was Argent. Well, That sounded a little mannish for my girl after a while, so I changed it to Argentina to sound a little more feminine, not caring that you could find this name on the map (I had a Duck named Denver). Then I became lazy and just stuck with Argentine.
    I typically change my chickens names if I forget them or if they go through the above process. Typically with RIR's, I just call them phoenix birds or red birds unless one starts to stand out. I started to call one fluffy, because her feathers have just started to grow again on her backside no thanks to a rough rooster. Then I changed her to Mey Rin because she tends to follow me and I have fallen in love with that name. I went through I process to get my two new Hampshire hens names as well. They were friendly, and their feathers reminded me of the sun, so I though "Rise and Set"... then I revised them a bit and they became "Riza and Zetta"
    As for Roosters, they get special names since they're easier to tell apart. I've had Aristotle, Galileo (which turned out to be a hen), “The Boys”-- 2 of Ari’s sons, Argo, and Caesar. I'm getting a 10 week old Black and Copper Maran in a few days and although I wanted to go with a french name, I've found myself leaning towards Greek myth names. I'm thinking Apollon (Apollo for short), Helios, Hermes, or Prometheus. Ah~ Choices~

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