Nanny had triplets but one died in thick sack causes?

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  1. Anyone know what the causes are for the thickness of a Nanny's birth sack? I know what causes horses to have too thick of a sack but have never read or heard about it in goats. I went to the vets office and asked them about it and they said the fescue could do the same thing as it does in horses but it is rare. MY son bless him just happen to go out in the nick of time to check and see if all was good and it was not two in one sack stuck and could not bust out. He said even he had a hard time getting it open. The third one was in a sack by herself was okay but the other two had issues we lost the male. But get this the two in one sack were not identical and one was a boy the other a girl looks even different. Anyway this one has just thrown me and I though you guys here may have hear or had experiences with this and known what was the issues causing it.Thanks
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    i've never heard of that, does the doe get plenty of selenium, they say that helps with reproduction along with muscle developement, it's hard to say [​IMG]
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    One of my doe's kids had a very thick sac also. I don't know if he'd have made it if she was alone, she was so intent on cleaning the first kid. The first one wasn't all that slimey, but I had to break the second guy out.

    We're in a selenium rich area, not sure what happened with her either.
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    It basically has to do with the copper in the diet that if there isnt enough the placentas will be thicker. That is why I bolus mine with copper and also give selinum- Bo-se shots...If you decide to give copper boluses its 1 gram per 22 lbs of goat. I do it every 6 mths...helps with the color also if they seem to be fading or looking sunor windburnt.sorry you lost the little guy...Congrats on the 2 live 1's..

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