Nasty before laying??


11 Years
Apr 18, 2008
Boonsboro, MD
My red sex link, who has always been docile, has gotten very nasty to her coop-mates. Even when free in the yard, she has "attacked" the other hens, usually going for the neck. I would almost think she was behaving like a rooster except she sure looks like a hen. She will be 6 months old in about a week and is not laying yet. Could she be getting nasty because she is about to start laying?

Someone with experience will answer......

BUT I have to admit the first thing to come to mind was chook PMS
Do you have a rooster? If not, a dominate pullet/hen can imitate the rooster. I have brown and black sex links and they started laying at 15 weeks. From what I have heard/read sex links tend to lay earlier than a lot of breeds so I'm wondering if she isn't acting roo like due to the lack of a roo?
Lol I was thinking the same thing. My Buff Orp Lottie is a real nasty thing before she lays, even to me! She has never come after me before, but since she started laying, the minute I walk in the run she's at my feet pecking and biting. By the evening, she's all fine and lovey.
Congrats on the egg, at least you received a gift for your troubles. Mine started laying at 16 weeks 3 days- 17 weeks, and were loud but not nasty. VERY loud. Maybe the lack of a breed mate left her confused- my girls had others starting the same phases together, it was a cackle and a hoot to watch them!

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