Need advice on ducks ?


7 Years
May 10, 2015
Staffordshire England GB
Hi, this is the very first time I've had poultry, we saved 3 duck eggs from a nest that had been raided for the second time by what we think a badger or stout ?? I brought an incubator and read that the would take 28 day. After 2 weeks 2 of the 2 eggs hatched last night and the other one is tapping at the shell ready to hatch .... Well I've borrowed an heat lamp but today I've been and brought a "Eco glow 20" but unfortunately it doesn't come with any temperature instructions.
Can anyone tell me please what is the temperature that it is supposed to be running at ? Currently it's only 21deg Centigrade, I take it this is normal ? Can anyone help please also any advice would be welcome ....
Thank you .... ;)

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