Need advice on when chix can go out in coop in June?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by DownwardDog, Feb 22, 2013.

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    I've got 12 White Dorkings, 3 EEs, 3 Barred Rocks, and 3 Speckled Sussex on order. I'm trying to figure out a ship date, which all depends on how early in June they can go into the coop. I live close to the seacoast in NH, so day temps are usually 60+ but nights can still get down to 40+. Would the first week of June be OK? they'll be 8 weeks then. They are my first batch of chix so there are no other hens in the coop already. HELP!

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    Yes, the first week of June should be fine. I live in the Champlain Valley of Vermont and that's about when I put my 8 week old chicks out last year. I have a hoop coop with open ends (hardware cloth) and a tarp over the top. They were fine.

    White Dorkings--cool!! I have Silver Grays. There is a Dorking forum here. Come join us if you haven't already!
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    Thanks! I will check it out, and post pics when I get them:)
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