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    Hi Everyone:

    I'm in a serious situation....

    Last week I had a raccoon attack...first one in 12 years!

    Lost all but one girl. She managed to survive. Because I no longer feel my chicken yard is safe, a friend took Chloe in for a while. Well, she can't keep her now. It appears Chloe might have some inflammation around her tush. Vet said she thinks it may be due to all the stress, so I'm giving her antibiotics (one shot a day). She eats, drinks, sun bathes, grooms, everything she is supposed to do. Vet said she seems fine, otherwise.

    I did not want to bring her home until I can totally reinforce the yard, as obviously I thought it was safe...for 12 years. My friend gave me a large hard wire cloth cage with a small roost it in and room for food and water. I put it in the large coop at night, lock it down like crazy and lock the coop as well.

    After being with a flock all her life, she is alone. I'm so worried until I can get some new chickens, she will get very depressed over the next couple of weeks???

    I don't know who would take her? She's basically healthy except for some swelling. No egg in there, no mass.

    How do I care for her during the rebuild process? I work full time during the day, so there is not much company. I don't want to keep her locked up all day. Right now she is wandering around the chicken yard, pecking and sunbathing.

    I have two weeks...just two Monday's to rebuild -- basically--reinforce my yard to be more raccoon proof. have a plan. Just need the materials and muscle.


    A very sad and distressed Geri
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    Quote: So sorry! Yes, on top of the terrible stress she's feeling right now from the attack she will be very lonely...try to get a replacer as close in age to her if you can, that way the transition won't be too terrible. Introducing anyone new to her will be a little difficult, there will be pecking, etc.

    It sounds like you will need to build a run attached to your more free-ranging I would think. Best of luck and keep us updated!

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