Need bumblefoot advice


In the Brooder
Sep 7, 2015
Cahokia IL
I have a bumblefoot epidemic happening here. I feel like hot garbage smells over it. My birds free range and I have many problems here that could be causing it, so I'm working hard to remedy them...could be gravel, logs, fallen sticks, etc. I keep coop bedding clean, sanded rough spots on roost bars which are all only a foot off the ground, etc. BIG SIGH. I ordered tricide neo which will arrive tomorrow, and also have been prescribed amoxicillin by veterinarian. Most of the bumbles aren't very bad at all, but my biggest rooster has one that is so huge I cried. There is no swelling on the top of the foot, it is all on the bottom, and not visible until you are actually looking at the bottom of his foot. He doesn't limp or have any signs of illness. It's slightly larger than a soda bottle cap. I soaked his foot in epsom salts and took of the scab, tried to remove some of the crap, but I couldn't find a core. I'm wondering if I need to spend more time working and digging on his foot, or if I should just do soaks and oral antibiotics? Anyone have experience with TERRIBLE bumblefoot that can offer advice?

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