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Jun 14, 2016
Hi all my 14 wk duck Asher has an infection. He got a fish hook caught in the skin of his right leg. He was limping around, which caught my attention. I removed the hook, cleaned the wound, applied blue kote, and I restricted his movement for 2 days. I've watched closely, and his leg is swollen, and warm. After alot of research I decided to try Tylan 50. After researching the BYC website it seemed Tylan 50, would be a better option than Tylan 200 as it maybe to strong. started him on it yesterday, he is barely putting weight on it, before he just stood on one leg. I have him alone, in a quite space. He's not eating as much as he normally would, seems to be drinking ok. He is very lively during bathtime. Unfortunately the vet is not an option according to my husband. I am giving it orally, as I've never done an injection on a duck. I know you rarely want to give antibiotics to a duck, but his leg kept swelling. The swelling doesn't seem to be going down. Any other advice???
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I'm still trying to figure out where it came from myself, smh. So you think iodine id better than blue kote?
we used antibiotic ointment with (no pain reliever) and hydro peroxide. 2 to 3 times a day + warm Epson baths once or twice a day. That for for bumble food but it seemed to work well and i think it would be good for wounds too
The wound really isn't big, just a small hole where the hook went in. The swollen part is the leg into the foot, and it's warm, so I'm thinking infection. That's why I started the Tylan 50.
I would give the oral antibiotics, apply Epsom salt compresses (E.s. is a laxative, don't let him ingest any) and apply topical antibiotic or perhaps a couple of drops of clear iodine at the wound site.

I agree with quackers619 that similar treatment to that for bumblefoot is worth trying.

@casportpony has done a good bit of research on antibiotics and dosages, you want to do your best to give appropriate dosage. I am not an antibiotics expert.
Researching said half a cc. Roughly 9 pounds. I'm giving less than half a cc. I'm on day 2 of treatment.

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