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10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
I need your help. Long story short, I have 6 chicks in a brooder in my den. 2 silkies, 2 orpingtons and 2 buff cochins. They are 4 weeks old. We are about to close in the coop and my husband thinks I'm insane wanting to insulate it. What should I do, insulate or just go with a heat lamp in the winter if needed? This is obviously my first time with chickens and I want to build it once and do it right so they are safe and not going to freeze to death in the winter. I am fencing in the run so the critters don't get them, the last thing I want to worry about is if the girls are cold....I live in MA and the winters can be nasty...
Our coop is insulated and in the winter when the water starts to freeze, i hang a heat lamp over it to keep it thawed for the birds. So we do both
I am in MA too, and my coop is not insulated. I do two things during the winter.
1. heat lamp
2. deep litter method.
I think you need to consider the size of the coop and the number of chickens and determine then if you would need insulation.
Good luck
Lisa, I live in Eastern Mass and our small coop is insulated with rigid insulation. At first I thought it was unnecessary, but boy am I glad after going through two winters. When I open the door on cold mornings, you can feel that the coop has kept the hen's warmth in.
The girls don't seem to need extra warmth from a lamp.
I am on the Cape as well, and I am getting my chicks soon, I am converting my shed into a coop with a run and it is not u think the deep litter method should be used if u only have 2 hens? Nice to see cape codders raising chicks...Did u get the chicks at w.barnstable feed??
I think it would be easier to clean the coop and put fresh shavings down with so few birds.
I have read of health complications from the deep litter method, so be aware of the cons before deciding on it. I know many people use that method, but from what i have read i would not subject my flock to the possible complications.
I'm on the Cape as well and our coop isn't insulated. Never seemed to bother them. Since the wind really likes to howl here I make sure that there aren't any drafts in the coop.

I'm not sure of the winter hardiness of the breeds you have so that may be a deciding factor for you.

The new coop we are building for our new chicks won't be insulated but we are facing it south so we're hoping for some solar warmth for them.

Good luck

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